December 2020

92 Degrees – Dystopia (Album Preview)

  Please be advised that although the album is nearing completion its nowhere near to being complete. So this is a work in progress. 2020 heralded the arrival of a highly revelatory year that forced humanity through the eye of the needle of consciousness to express the deeper delusion that exists within the current Dystopian state of the planet.  This highly evocative album brings together a fusion of global energy’s to draw attention to this need for […]

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Free My Soul (full album version)

[youtube] Free My Soul (full album version) Free My Soul (Music video and song by The single version of song was Licensed by South African label “Deep Fam Records” but will be removed and so now open to becoming a part of another label. All Instruments, Music and Video by Riki Buckingham Video using Royalty Free Footage Drums by Superior Drummer software Backing singing and some footage By Kathrin Atkinson. Thankyou to all who inspired […]

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